Studio Kai Linke
Blasted KL1

Product information: 
Russian Pine, acrylic, aluminium, and cast iron with 3,5 meter fabric cord.
6 x 6 x 80,5cm
Colours: Natural Pine, Black
Light Source: 1x T5 (PK5) 517mm Max: 14W / 2700K



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Blasted KL1

The BLASTED KL1 is cut out of one single piece of wood to make as clean and simple a shape as possible. There’s no cutting or gluing the wood together. The glass-blasted treatment of the wood is where the lamp takes its name from. Kai Linke was also thinking about what a flying branch would look like if it could be suspended in the air. He wanted to explore unexpected gravity. Can wood find a balance where normally no balance exists? The result is an asymmetrical pendant lamp which functions equally well as a standing lamp.