Studio Kai Linke
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Clique for Pulpo

Product information:

swan   9 x 5 x h9,5cm
deer     18 x 6 x h18cm
giraffe  13 x 7 x h28cm
rhino    24 x 12 x h14,5cm

producer Pulpo
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Clique for Pulpo

The CLIQUE bronze statuettes presents a playful character full of curiosity. Its inquisitor. Its inquisitive nature will  draw you close, highlighting rough edges and a soft glow. Scultted by hand using paper and tapes its final cast from maintains an innocence in its composition. A handmade companion, whose friendship can grow your own table top. 

The CLIQUE statutes were crafted by hand using paper and tape. The final cast bronze from is then left untreated the reveal this design process. The natural patina of bronze will develop over time.